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The Best Workflow Management Software That Makes Your Teams More Productive

From Peter
October 4, 2022

The Best Workflow Management Software


According to research, the average employee gets distracted56 times during an average day at work. And this results in a lot of time and focus wasted, which could have resulted in better ideas and better performances instead.


Add to that the struggle to coordinate with other teams, and it can get really messy to get things done on time.


In an attempt to make things easier for workers, a workflow management software can be an effective solution.

What is a Workflow Management Software?

A workflow management software is a tool that enables you to create, optimise and streamline your workflow in the best possible way for you. This way, you can detect redundant tasks, automate work processes, analyse your work process and point out the different areas that need improvement.


As you can assume, it is much more than a to-do list, or a visualisation chart. A really good workflow management system directly influences your work and helps you get more done.

What Should You Look For in a Workflow Management Software?

Regardless of what your business process looks like, there are some basic things that every good software should accomplish. Here are some of the most important features that must be present in the tool you choose:


One of the most basic ways of saving time for workers is through task automation. Reducing repetitive processes, automatically assigning tasks, generating status updates and reports are all features you must be on the lookout for.

Deadline Tracking

A simple dashboard might not be as effective in helping you complete projects. You need a specialised deadline tracker to help you manage your tasks by the due date.


A good workflow management software should make your work more transparent. And it should also add more structure and visibility to your workflow.


Practically speaking, you'll need several tools to work on your projects. Which means that your workflow management software should be able to integrate with your database, calendar, CMS, and payment processing tools.


The amount you're paying for the software should be justified, first and foremost. It should also fit into your company budget to be a part of your SaaS portfolio.

Best Workflow Management Tools That Keeps You Productive

In no particular order, here are some of the best tools on the market that can help you optimise your workflow.


As the name suggests, Smartsheet primarily focuses on having better spreadsheets for teams to work with. It allows users to schedule their work, processes and organise tasks.


One of its most attractive features is theCritical Path - which highlights all the important tasks that affect deadline dates. This way, you can keep closer track of the workflow and tend to important tasks on time.


Smartsheet can automate calculations across multiple spreadsheets if needed. And, it also allows you to export editable summary reports to Excel or Google Sheets.


Kissflow should be the preferred option for you, if you're working with a large team. And especially if you have a workflow that needs customisation. The interface runs on very little code, and is very easy to use.


Teams can work with the existing categories like HR, Finance or Recruitment, or build their own custom categories. With Kissflow, you can drag and drop elements and the best part is that there's little to no coding required.


Prioritising and delegating to team members is much easier, through the customisable workflow. And the same feature allows efficient scaling based on the number of team members too.


If you're very familiar with working on theGoogle suite, then you're going to enjoy VOGSY. Professional ServicesOrganisations will be benefited through the unification of essential workflows and data. Users can automate operations on the Google Cloud through a single easy-to-use platform.


Operations like invoice tracking, resource management, sending quotes to clients and time management all become easier to carry out. Their customer support team has real developers, who can guide you in-depth if you're confused.


As a result, if you have complicated tech stacks to work with, you will be able to integrate them seamlessly with theVOGSY software.


If you're on the lookout for something easy to use and collaborative, TeamGantt is for you. It works on your browser, and is compatible with any OS.


Moreover, users can drag and drop to create workflows and can invite fellow team members of friends to view projects easily. It also integrates effortlessly with tools like Trello, Slack orOutlook to make things even more familiar for workers.


If you need a versatile solution that helps you effectively translate your ideas to the workflow, ReSkript is the best tool on the market for you.


ReSkript can guarantee increased productivity by organising the workflow to be smooth and systematic. So, media files, invoices, legal documents and workflow charts all get conveniently stored on a single platform for easy access.


ReSkript contains an integrated chat feature which eliminates distractions and helps teams collaborate much more conveniently. It also works with typical file types, making it very easy to work on documents collectively.


An efficient workflow management software that helps you eliminate distractions and promote collaboration is the need of the hour. And ReSkript is one of the best tools on the market to ensure that your teams can maintain a flow state while working to churn out new and innovative ideas to serve clients on a higher level.

About ReSkript:

ReSkript is an innovative platform that has developed a socially enhanced collaborative system building a seamless experience across joint professional online cooperative work on various documents. Its proprietary platform offers a range of collaboration


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