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How to Increase Your and Your Team’s Productivity with GPT-3

From Martina
February 15, 2023

GPT-3 is one of the most advanced AI tools. It is a machine-learning model used to process and generate natural language. The program can create a detailed response when provided with a short input text.

Many applications use GPT-3 to write, provide search results, and generate insights. It can boost a business’s efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, you can automate a range of tasks.

Let’s find out how GPT-3 increases your and your team’s productivity.




Automation has touched new heights, thanks to technologies like AI and machine learning. According to IBM, AI-powered automation generated billions of dollars in labor value last year.


GPT-3 can come in handy to automate repetitive tasks that you and your team spend hours on. You can use it to generate a range of documents automatically, such as:


●      Contracts

●      Briefs

●      Legal documents

●      Reports

●      Marketing materials


You will no longer need to spend hours creating documents. Moreover, you can automate tasks like data entry to save time and energy.


Most importantly, GPT-3 can integrate with your chatbot and email management system for automating customer responses. It can send automated replies to customer queries to boost efficiency and save time.


Moreover, you will be able to provide personalized answers that are highly relevant. It goes a long way to improve your customer service and shopping experience.


Below is an example of an automated response when a customer asked, “Why does my subscription cost $5 extra this month?”


●      “Our records show you added XYZ channel last month to your subscription, which was not a part of your original plan. The extra $5 is the monthly subscription for XYZ channel and will show up on your following bills.”


By 2030, smart automation may add 14% to global GDP, as per Analysis & Policy Observatory. It shows the value technologies like GPT-3 can bring to businesses.


Data Analysis


For many industries, finding the right data can be both cumbersome and a research-intensive task. Yet, data is key to business success in modern times. Moreover, some industries rely heavily on data to operate or provide their services.


GPT-3 can assist organizations to analyze large volumes of data to extract insights or information. It can also perform routine tasks by interpreting and processing different records.


Most importantly, GPT-3 can analyze any form of text, like code. One of its use cases can be to analyze legacy code and understand what it does.


GPT-3 can go through legacy code and explain it in simple English. Developers don’t spend hours trying to figure out what the previous developer meant.


A tool can do the task saving time and money.


GPT-3 can even analyze data from different sources to provide you with valuable information. You can even find out areas of improvement without spending hours scrutinizing your processes.


For example, you can ask GPT-3, “why are we experiencing lower conversions on our checkout page?”


The tool may reply:


“Customers are frustrated with the time it takes to process orders. They also want more payment methods and the ability to checkout without creating an account.”


GPT-3 will generate theresponse by processing various elements like testimonials, chat logs, andemails.


However, you mustintegrate GPT-3 with your apps to experience these results. The general webversion available online is not capable of such tasks.


How toIntegrate GPT-3


It is possible tointegrate GPT-3 with your business tools using OpenAI’s API. It gives you access to all the model's capabilitieslike:


●      Natural language processing

●      Question answering

●      Text generation


You can integrate theAPI into your platform via a RESTful interface to send requests and receiveresponses programmatically in real time.


However, you must signup for an API key and follow the documentation to implement your integration. Moreover, you can rely on OpenAI or third-party tools to streamline the integration process with pre-built resources.


Personal Assistant


You can integrate GPT-3into your calendar and email to get a smart personal assistant. Moreover, you can incorporate your project data to get updates and perform various tasks.


For example, it can book appointments on your behalf or make inquiries. You can also use it on your website to help others set up a meeting or presentation.


However, you must integrate all necessary data points to achieve the task.


Below is an example of how the process may look:


GPT-3: “Hi. Would you like to book an appointment?”


Customer: “Yes. Is there any slot available on Monday?”


GPT-3: “Would Monday at 3 pm work for you?”


Customer: “No. It would be better if you can make itafter 5 pm.”


GPT-3: “Would 6 pm be alright for you?”


Customer: “Yes, that would be great.”


GPT-3: “Fine. I’m booking your appointment for Monday at 6 pm.”


To integrate a Chat Bot on your site, you have several options today. And if you’re using a popular CMS like WordPress for your business, you have several solutions with monthly pricing.


Or, you can use our own solution that helps keep all the document flow in one place. ReSkript offers an integrated chat option for users that can help your team collaborate better. Make document writing productive, automated, and easy with ReSkript!


App or Website Development


GPT-3 can interpret andprocess any text structure apart from natural language. Therefore, you can useit to write code to develop apps and websites.


Several tools allow youto develop software based on the power of GPT-3. You can give your parametersin English and get readymade code.


For example, you canwrite:


“Please create a Python code that forecasts the CTC ofemployees based on criteria like role, age, gender, and position.”


However, the best use of GPT-3 is to write boilerplate code, according to TechTarget. These are pieces of code that you repeat in different applications without change.


The approach can help you save immense time and costs. Your developers can avoid repetitive tasks and focus on solving the main problem.


Additionally, you can use GPT-3 to identify errors and bugs in existing code. It can even explain to you why your code isn’t working and what needs to be done.


Moreover, you can translate your code into different programming languages.


Generate Ideas and Suggestions


One of the leading ways to boost productivity is to encourage creativity and innovation. It engages your team better and helps them give their best.


You can use GPT-3 to generate ideas and insights to improve your projects or workflows. It can scan several data sources to spot areas where you can innovate or streamline your processes.


Most importantly, you can find everything out with a short input text. There is no need to manually go through your workflows or data.


Moreover, you can make personalized product recommendations for your customers. GPT-3 can analyze different parameters like interest, needs, and past purchases to make tailored recommendations.


The approach helps you boost your sales and generate more revenues.


Let’s say you integrate GPT-3 with your apps and ask, “Which product will be the best for our contact XYZ company?”


You may get the reply, “Our CRM is the best recommendation as the customer is using an ERP from our competitor.”


Accurate and Detailed Reports


GPT-3 can go a long way to help you generate accurate reports. It can extract data from text information like financial or legal documents and present insights in natural language.


Most importantly, you can dive into different business areas and processes to improve visibility. It is ideal for analyzing the sentiment of your customers and things like:


●      Surveys

●      Help desk tickets

●      Questionnaires

●      Complaints


Accurate reports can help you improve your efficiency and productivity. You can also create simple summaries from multiple reports to understand where you stand.


Several business tools use GPT-3 to drive their reporting features. It can allow you to prevent missing out on the smaller details that impact your productivity or profitability.


Generate Content


GPT-3 is a language processing and generation program. So, it’s not surprising that it powers a range of AI writing tools.


You can generate content on a mass scale without involving human writers. The results are highly impressive and hard to differentiate from human-generated content.


GPT-3 can help you write:


●      Blogs

●      Website content

●      Social media posts

●      Emails

●      Sales pitches

●      Ad copies


GPT-3 can even compose creative pieces like stories and poems. It has unlimited possibilities when you use the tool to write your content.


Moreover, you can optimize your existing content for better appeal and SEO results.


Below is an ad copy generated by GPT-3 to sell a beard trimmer:


“Introducing XYZ beard trimmer with 30% more accuracy than all our competitors. Our trimmer comes with 5 settings to get the desired length of beard for the ultimate look.


It gives you 15 hours of trimming on a single charge and recharges safely via USB. Buy an XYZ beard trimmer today to trim your beard fast and easy!”


Create Personalized Messages


AI writing tools can even help you personalize your copies based on your audience. You can send custom emails and messages to all your contacts based on context.


Of course, you will need to integrate GPT-3 with your business tools like CRM for optimum outcomes.


Below is an example of asocial media post written by AI with a simple input prompt.


“Do you want to attract local traffic to boost your conversions?


Our SEO agency is a leading choice in Australia for assured results. We can optimize your website and make it search engine-friendly. Our services also include link building, guest posting, on-page, and off-page SEO, and blogging.


Please visit our website to set up a free consultation today.”


GPT-3 allows businesses to personalize their messaging for every customer. You can maintain the same level of consistency for every piece of communication, even if you have thousands of customers.


Most importantly, you don’t have to hire writers or devote time to write your content. You can increase your engagement and reach without even stopping for a while.


Knowledge Management


A company deals with a range of knowledge and information on a daily basis. Employees need to search for and access specific data for performing duties.


It can be a difficult task to go through files and spreadsheets to find what you are looking for. You also waste time that you could spend on productive purposes, like growing your business.


GPT-3 can facilitate knowledge management and make it fast. Team members can find information with a single question without opening any documents or records.


For example, you can ask the tool, “what were our total sales in the FMCG category in the last quarter of 2018?”


GPT-3 may respond:


“The total sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 in theFMCG category was $133,151.”


You may again ask, “Can you give me a breakup of the sales figures for all products in our FMCG category for this quarter”


Now, you get a complete record of the sales figures you asked for in GPT-3’s response. It gives you the information without the need for you to click on things or perform a search.


Quick access to information will speed up your workflows and processes. It will increase your and your team’s productivity and accuracy.


Of course, you need to integrate GPT-3 with your systems to generate such outcomes.


Make Accurate Predictions


GPT-3 can be used as a predictive model to make accurate forecasts. You can use it to predict sales, disruptions, and challenges along the way.


Accurate predictions help you gain a competitive edge in the market. You can make better forecasts to reduce and eliminate the waste of resources.


Moreover, the process helps you make data-driven decisions that impact your profitability. You can even forecast different situations by integrating the necessary data.


GPT-3 itself uses over 175 billion machine learning parameters, according to TechTarget. It can fetch data from several sources to provide useful answers to business problems.


Moreover, it needs to be integrated with your business apps using OpenAI’s API.


Machine Translations


GPT-3 can perform machine translations at scale. You can translate text from one language to another in a matter of minutes.


The process can help you improve communication with clients and partners across borders. Most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious time to make manual translations.


You can also translate your copies and marketing materials to the language of your target market with GPT-3. Many language learning apps use the tool to facilitate lessons and personalize materials.


Moreover, it is possible to translate programmatic commands into text and vice versa.


Below is what GPT-3 mayrespond when you ask it, “translate fromEnglish to Spanish: I love cats.”


-       “Amo alos gatos.”


GPT-3 is as capable as leading machine translation systems, according to research.


Final Thoughts


GPT-3 is one of the best tools for businesses to boost productivity. It can automate document creation and extract information from contracts, policies, and more. Additionally, you can generate content automatically to write appealing blogs, emails, and social media posts.


Moreover, you can perform data analysis on a large scale to derive meaningful insights. You also get better at managing data and making it accessible.


In addition, GPT-3 creates detailed reports and summaries to improve your visibility into business processes.











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