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Best Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

From Peter
December 27, 2021

Best Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

Want to know about some effective team-building activities for virtual teams that will bring them together? Remote working teams might not be meeting in person. However, that does not mean that they should feel disconnected. Bonding is important for forming a cohesive unit. These virtual team bonding activities can increase employee motivation, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Over the years, we have realized that virtual team building is much different than in-person team-building. So, we are going to list the best team building icebreakers for bringing your teams closer.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Make your team rush against the clock by asking them to solve a murder mystery. As the members of the teams check the case files, examine the clues, and perform the role of detective, they are strengthening their Analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and communication. It is a fun and exciting team-building activity for the whole team. 

A Slack Channel to Post Pet Pictures

It is the favorite of many organizations. Create a Slack channel called #pets where your team members can post pictures of pets doing a funny thing or making funny faces. 

Creating these channels is simple and takes little or no effort. There is a big payoff in this team-building activity. It also provides a cultural boost. The pet channel is a hot choice in the arena of easy and quick team-building activities. 

Have a Messy-Desk Faceoff

While working in the office, you are forced to keep your desk minimally clean: no coffee rings or old cereal bowls. However, when you work from home, there is no such compulsion. 

So, you can organize a ‘Messy Desk Thursday' where team members can out themselves for the abysmal state of their work desk while facepalm and laughing emojis fly fast. 

It is also an opportunity for your preternaturally neat teammates to do some bragging about their magazine-worthy and austere office spaces. 

Virtual Team Building Bingo

Virtual team building bingo is an exciting and fun team building activity that can be conducted over conference calls.

To play, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Distribute the cards to the team members
  • Make use of breakout rooms for encouraging small group dynamics
  • Award prizes to the member who finishes an ‘X’ or row first.

Guess the Emoji Board 

Until a few years ago, emojis were a quirky and fun aspect of the internet. Many people are often unsure as to whether they should include them in their professional messaging or emails. Presently, based on your industry, it is completely okay to include flames, hearts, cocktails, or Christmas trees in your professional emails for your colleagues. 

As more and more people use emojis often, there is a new category and that is the most used emojis. Take a screenshot of the desktop or phone, and then upload the list for your team members to check. When you share the emojis that you usually use and overuse, it helps in creating an inside joke. 

To play Guess the Emoji Board, here are the steps you have to follow-

  • List down the players and distribute them to each player. 
  • Every person has up to 5 minutes to guess the top most used emojis by every person on the list. 
  • Disclose the answers and the points they have won for accuracy, getting the emojis in the right order. 

However, the prize is optional. 

This is one of the 5-minute team building activities that is easy and quick. You can play it virtually and yet entertain your team. 

Typing Speed Race Competition

A great online team-building activity is typing speed races. To start with, you can organize a typing test. Post your result on the message of the organization or through email. The more competitive team members of the team reply with outcomes speedily and others are going to follow. 

You can organize a large-scale challenge just by hosting the typing speed relay, that is when you develop groups and add up the scores to find out which team will win. 

But make sure everyone is opting for the same test. You can give some tips to the team members, such as keeping the fingers close to the keys on the keyboard. 

Typing speed races are fun and challenging as teams can play online games together.

Make Sweet Music Together

Often remote teammates talk about music. You can use Spotify, Slack, or other group chats, team members can create collaborative playlists, which any one of the team members can listen to and help in curating the list. Go to a playlist that will destress people and will help them get things done. However, you can also go for other themes that are suitable for tour team members. 

DIY Craft Challenge

You can organize a 30 minutes DIY Craft Challenge that you can play with your team. For playing, every person will be given half an hour to create something with the materials they have at home. 

You can make an epic pillow fort or pasta art. The goal is not to create something museum-worthy but is to ignite creativity and provide your team with something fun to interact with. 

Solve an Escape Room 

Having a virtual escape room offers a challenging and mesmerizing adventure for your employees. Players will have to be given the same activities and tasks, as they would be given when they play in an actual room and work towards a shared goal, that is to escape.

You can also play this game through the group chat app. Players will be guided by a host present in the room and the video is streamed live. Team members will guide through the escape adventure while collecting clues given in their digital dashboards for solving puzzles and completing their mission in an hour. 

Friday Happy Hours

On Fridays, team members share a coffee, beer or dinner. This is the time they get to talk about non-work stuff. You can organize a game night once a week. It can be organized on Zoom. The only rule for this will be to talk about everything but work.

Bottom Line

ReSkript geeks out over virtual team building. We always look for ways to bring our team closer. With ReSkript, you can help your teams collaborate. It can empower any business team. ReSkript is easy and intuitive. The collaborative workspace has global access. 

About ReSkript:

ReSkript is an innovative platform that has developed a socially enhanced collaborative system building a seamless experience across joint professional online cooperative work on various documents. Its proprietary platform offers a range of collaboration


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