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Top 10 Best Productivity Tools

From Valeria
March 4, 2022

Top 10 Best Productivity Tools

The modern world doesn’t allow us many indulgences. Our business life is rapid, so it can push us to the limits. There is pressure in workplaces to deliver results as quickly as possible. That is why everyone is obsessed with being productive and so many of us assume that productivity means getting more and more done each day. Nevertheless, we are convinced that being productive means getting things done consistently and successfully. It’s about maintaining a steady pace on a few things, not maximum speed on everything. However, being over-productive may be very stressful for some people and provoke anxiety. We have collected the 10 best productivity services that might help with managing your tasks. 


What is Productivity Software?

The main purpose of productivity software is to make your work easier and more efficient. These services focus on helping users with their tasks, whether they’re personal or business. The productivity tools, we found on the net, can be divided into three groups: personal software, office and business solutions and collaboration tools. Services for productivity improvement provide many useful features such as document review, project management, organisation tools and progress monitoring. Depending on the focus of productivity software, there could be a variety of features. If you (user) are here to choose the right productivity service fitting your needs then this list will facilitate the task. 

In a hurry? Here is a summary of the main features productivity tools provide:

  • ReSkript- best collaboration tool and document review
  • Microsoft Office 365- cloud-based service for business solutions
  • Slack- messaging app
  • Google Drive- file synchronisation service
  • Asana- collaboration and project management app
  • Trello- Kanban-based project management tool
  • service for meetings 
  • Basecamp- business software for project management 
  • Jira Software- project management tool
  • Evernote- note-taking app


 List of 10 Best Productivity Tools:

1. ReSkript: Powerful Collaboration Tool

ReSkript Landing Page

ReSkript is an intuitive secured online collaboration tool offering multiple ways to work and edit a document. ReSkript improves the productivity of individuals and teams. It provides 24/7 access and an easy sharing system to work with your friends, colleagues and clients. ReSkript users get access to the project management system, smart notes and calendar, file management system, chat and video calls. This truly great service combines all, in our opinion, the important features and offers them at a very affordable price. Moreover, there is a free-week trial in every price plan.


  • The Pay&Use plan is for $3 (only 5 documents)
  • The Basic plan is for $6/mo 
  • The Business plan is for $12/mo 


Individuals & Teams in any business sphere interacting with colleagues  

2. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365

We can describe Microsoft Office 365 as an online subscription-based service for business solutions. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher applications. Office 365 improves your productivity by allowing you to run apps, access remote data, collaborate on files and exchange information. Therefore, you get real-time collaboration in Word and PowerPoint, 1TB of online storage and a slew of mobile apps. Everything in Microsoft Office 365 was made to ease and optimise your work process. 


  • The Personal plan is for $6.99/year (1 person)
  • The Family plan is for $9.99/year (one-month free trial, best for 2-6 people)


Companies with many departments needing fast file exchange    

3. Slack


Slack is an excellent and powerful business messaging service with a rich amount of features. It’s probably one of the most well-known group chats. The app lets your team have group discussions, one-on-one conversations, video and audio calls. Discussions can be public, meaning anyone can join in or private. Slack also integrates with many other collaboration tools. We consider Slack as a highly customisable productivity app, that gives its users the ability to collaborate in any form they want to.  


  • The Free Plan (for small teams, one-on-one calls only) 
  • The Standard plan is for $6.67/mo (for small and medium-sized businesses)
  • The Plus plan is for $12.5/mo (for larger businesses) 


Large companies with multiple departments that need to stay connected

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based service for file synchronisation. There are its companion apps, Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. They allow users to create, edit and collaborate on files. Google offers generous storage space, and it has excellent productivity-suite collaboration. You can organise all your files in one service and integrate them from other apps. This service improves the user’s productivity whether he works solo or as a part of a team. With all payment plans, you can share your storage with up to five other people.   


  • It’s Free up to 15GB  
  • $1.99/mo for 100GB
  • $2.99/mo for 200GB
  • $9.99/mo for 2TB 


Individuals needing their files to be organised 

5. Asana


Asana is an online collaboration tool focused on project management solutions. It’s different from other project management services by its unique structure. When you’re using Asana, the work process looks like a board game because the interface is similar to a deck of cards. Surprisingly, Asana suits perfectly for ongoing work, whereas, usually, project management apps focus on tasks with strict timelines and goals. This service allows groups of people to stay organised, focused and productive without putting much effort. 



(every plan has a free trial period)

  • The Basic Plan is free
  • The Premium plan is for $10.99 
  • The Business plan is for $24.99


A group of people working on the same project

6. Trello


Trello is a well-known and excellent project management tool. This service can be used by students or work colleagues. It improves users’ productivity by sorting and visualising tasks in a kanban style. The kanban is a method for managing the creation of products with an emphasis on continuous delivery designed to help teams work together more effectively while not overburdening the developers. There are three columns: to do, doing and done. It seems like a simple principle, and it works great! Trello attracts users with its intuitive interface and funny stickers that bring lightness to even the hardest work.


  • The Free plan (only 10 boards per team)
  • The Business Class plan is for $9.99/mo 
  • The Enterprise plan is for $17.5/mo


Project managers 

7. is the fastest and easiest way to connect and collaborate. Users can instantly share ideas with screen sharing.’s features include audio, video and chat. You can personalise meetings for the team’s needs. features help your team to be more productive and take project presentations to another level. 


  • The Lite plan is for $10/mo (up to 5 people)
  • The Pro plan is for $20/mo (up to 250 people)
  • The Business plan is for $30 (up to 250 people and more features)


Team members that need connection with each other 

8. Basecamp


Basecamp can be characterised as a project management space, not just a tool. It lets people work together on projects, events and meetings. Basecamp team is convinced that their service makes working on a project more productive and efficient as it provides an organisation of your files, whether they are documents, tasks or important dates. Moreover, project management space decides the number of required meetings to help people communicate better and optimise their time. We found it interesting that the Basecamp team cares about work-life balance. They added a special calendar where you can schedule your work time and regulate the barrage of notifications. 


  • The Basecamp Personal plan (free)
  • The Basecamp Business is for $99/mo 


Department needing project implementation monitoring  

9. Jira Software


Jira Software is an excellent project management service for agile teams, customisable for any type of project. Teams can start a project with a template or create their custom workflow. Jira allows teams to track every piece of work. Its features include kanban boards, agile reports and project plans. Everything in Jira was made for saving your time, improving productivity and automating work processes. 


  • The Free Plan (for teams <10)
  • The Standard plan is for $7/mo per person 
  • The Premium plan is for $14/mo per person 


Larger companies needing project management 

10. Evernote


Evernote is a personal productivity app focused on taking notes. It is a powerful cloud-based software app with a variety of uses. You can keep being organised, whether it’s a shopping list or business notes. This app allows you to record audio, take pictures and sketch digitally. It’s compatible with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and many other services. Moreover, Evernote has an interesting feature worth attention. An app recognises text, whether it’s typed or in an image. That means that if there is a picture of a “Pharmacy” signboard and you are searching “Pharmacy” Evernote will find it. Even though Evernote is called a personal productivity service, you can share notes with your family or colleagues for collective editing. We found it nice that Evernote has a free trial for all plans, and students have a 50% discount on Premium plans.



  • The Free Plan (only two device synchronisation/note’s max size is 25Mb/60Mb of loads per month) 
  • The Evernote Premium is for $7.99/mo (not the restricted amount of devices/200Mb note’s size/10Gb of loads per month)
  • The Evernote Business is for $14.99/mo (even more abilities) 


Individuals needing their notes and tasks to be better organised

Final words

To conclude, all services we have collected in this list have been made by talented developers for helping people manage tasks. Every app has its unique features and focuses on different life spheres. The diversity of productivity services allows you to choose the one that completely fits your needs.  All of them make their users more productive and decrease their stress levels. We hope you found this article helpful.    

About ReSkript:

ReSkript is an innovative platform that has developed a socially enhanced collaborative system building a seamless experience across joint professional online cooperative work on various documents. Its proprietary platform offers a range of collaboration


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