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Top 10 Best Productivity Apps For Students

From Valeria
October 23, 2021

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps For Students

The life of modern students is rapid. They always have multiple things to do. So, staying productive is essential for nowadays students. Getting a bachelor degree is like having a four-year master class in management. University life is all about the balance between personal, academic and social lives. Sometimes students have to combine job applications, part-time jobs and internships with studying. Being productive for a student means getting things done consistently and successfully. It’s about maintaining a steady pace. Fortunately, modern technologies help to make our life a little bit easier. There are many useful services for smartphones, tablets and PCs that provide all-in-one resources. To help you choose the one that fits your needs, we have collected the 10 best apps for students that definitely will improve your productivity.     


ReSkript Platform

ReSkript is an intuitive secured online collaboration platform offering multiple varieties to work and edit a document. ReSkript provides a systematic approach and helps to manage your ideas. It is a perfect app for a student who needs all-in-one resource. ReSkript users get access to the project management system, smart notes and calendar. Moreover, it has a file management system, chat and video calls. We consider ReSkript as a truly great service that combines all important features and offers them at a very affordable price. ReSkript supports students and gives them the ability to use its features for free


Evernote suits perfectly for students as it is a productivity app focused on taking notes. This service allows you to record audio, take pictures and sketch digitally. Evernote keeps notes organised and has many interesting features worth attention. An app recognises text, whether it’s typed or in an image. That means that if there is a picture of a “Pharmacy” signboard and you are searching “Pharmacy” Evernote will find it. We found it nice that students have a 50% discount on Premium plans.


Quizlet offers a platform for creating resources for studying and memorisation. It is a perfect app for preparing for an exam or memorising foreign words. Quizlet allows users to make cards with their terms and creates special tests for better memorisation. This platform supports students in their learning way and gives them the motivation to go forward.   


Sometimes it is difficult to progress without external help. Preply is a platform developed to help students and tutors to find each other. It has an intuitive interface specially created to ease the process of studying. Preply has a scheduled program, integrated video calls and chat. This app suits students perfectly for learning foreign languages as there are multinational tutors. A special grade system allows students to see comments about tutors and choose who fits them best. It is easy to track your progress with Preply as it offers and sends a special grade system. Everything in this service was created to make the process of studying enjoyable.   


Slack is an excellent and powerful messaging service with a rich amount of features. It’s, probably, one of the most well-known group chats. The app lets your team have group discussions, one-on-one conversations, video and audio calls. We consider Slack as a highly customisable productivity tool. Discussing a group project with Slack is easy and intuitive. is a multi-device app created to organise your life. The life of students is busy, so it needs a detailed approach. This service allows you to keep in tidy your notes, lists and reminders and synchronises them across all devices. has a nice calendar to keep track of your progress and never forget anything. This platform guarantees to save student’s time and help to achieve your goals.


Asana is an online collaboration tool focused on project management solutions. It’s different from other project management services by its unique structure. When you’re using Asana, the work process looks like a board game because the interface is similar to a deck of cards. Surprisingly, Asana suits well for ongoing work, whereas, usually, project management apps focus on tasks with strict timelines and goals. This service allows groups of people to stay organised, focused and productive without putting in much effort. 


RescueTime was created to optimise the time of its users.  This feature is essential for multi-tasking students. This app tracks your computer, phone and internet usage, after that it shows you a dashboard of where your time is going. RescueTime also offers a blocking feature that may stop you from going to certain websites for a given duration so that you can stay focused on your most important work.

Week plan

Week plan focuses on time blocking your days. This app offers a Kanban visual style of organising data. A Week Plan calendar blocks out your tasks so you can prioritise what you need to work on. A paid version even includes email and SMS reminders, repeating tasks and subtasks.

Sleep Cycle

Good sleep and rest are vital for maintaining an active life pace. It is impossible to stay productive and focused without a proper sleep schedule. Sleep Cycle helps students to control their sleep schedule. The app tracks chronological cycles and offers the best sleep solutions. 

About ReSkript:

ReSkript is an innovative platform that has developed a socially enhanced collaborative system building a seamless experience across joint professional online cooperative work on various documents. Its proprietary platform offers a range of collaboration


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