2021 Reflections and Plans for 2022

From Peter
December 22, 2021

Plans for 2022

It's time to celebrate!

Hey everyone! We hope that you have had a fantastic and productive year ⭐️. For us, 2021 was very exciting but at the same time a very difficult year. A few of our achieved goals:

  1. Launched the MVP version
  2. Developed a Marketing Strategy
  3. Landed a few interviews with great Entrepreneurs
  4. Released fantastic features for teams at ReSkript

These are just a few great goals that we achieved!

Now about the near future: We are looking forward to 2022 and everything we can do and achieve. Here are a few points:

  1. Launching subscriptions and allowing teams to work as a Pro!
  2. Fixing bugs and improving the current system
  3. Releasing new features: 1) Smart Tables; 2) Templates 3) Project Management; 4) Wiki and subpages🤩 !!
  4. Making ReSkript even faster
  5. Increasing the ReSkript Team

Our overall mission stays the same: Make people's lives better, and a bit easier!

Have a fantastic holiday, and get some good rest!


Peter & ReSkript Team

About ReSkript:

ReSkript is an innovative platform that has developed a socially enhanced collaborative system building a seamless experience across joint professional online cooperative work on various documents. Its proprietary platform offers a range of collaboration


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