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Go beyond just docs with the best Google docs alternative

Create docs, wikis, tables, track your team's tasks and much more! Never worry about scaling your team, ReSkript grows and scales with it.
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What is ReSkript?

Beautiful docs that perfecly export to docx, pdf, html and many more
Tasks that help you track all of your to-do's. Boost your productivity to the next level
A new type of file organization that helps teams collaborate better
File organization
Organize your files as you like. The most flexible system ever
Rich and beautiful documents
Create beautiful documents, wikis, team HQ's and never worry about how it looks when you export to docx. ReSkript is not a note-taking app, it's a complete document editor which allows you to export into all kinds of formats.
The best task tracker and project management tool
Never lose tasks and assignments and always see what your team is up to. Big variation of tools to help you and your team get the job done.
Feel like a team again
Organic, frictionless communication with your team helps increase your productivity.
Organize your and your team files as you like
ReSkript is the open-world of file organization. Organize files like a pro with absolutely no restrictions of how you can do it.

Your favorite tools

Inline text editing
A powerful feature that will increase your text writing and editing speed! Just type "/" and choose the block you need
Text highlight
Beautiful text highlight's that will support you with big texts

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