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About Us

A New Era Document Collaboration Tool

Why we decided to build ReSkript

Outdated techology
Most people still use a document editor which was created more than 25 years ago
Note taking
New available technologies are mostly focused on note-taking and do not fit to create documents
Multiple copies
When working together on a document people still send each other emails with hundreds of copies

What we want to change

The way people work together
Break the boundaries of online collaboration
Consolidate data in one place

Why Use ReSkript



Intuitive & Easy to understand
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Save time working on a project
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All of your work organized and managed in one workspace.

Our Values

We are fair
We are sure that honesty and objectivity are keys to success
We constantly improve
We never stop on achieved. The ReSkript team believes that there is always something to strive for
We work together
Strong team and productive collaboration allow us to deliver the best quality product
We are open-minded
We are always open for new ideas and try to evaluate our product with fresh eyes

Your team won't quit using ReSkript in 3 days. We promisešŸ¤ž

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