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Purpose built for startups
Specially tailored to the needs of startups. Structure and organize your information as you like
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Hey! We just received fantastic news from the new client🎉
Great! Now we can building the first prototype! I'm so hyped!
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Instant communication
Communicate and collaborate with your team in app, never miss a message
Leonarda Gabby
Kadin Philips
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Share all important docs with your team instantly, and bring clarity to your work
It's a fantastic service to do everything in one place. No need to switch between apps and platforms.I loved the integrated chat as it opened the doors to collaboration and simultaneous development. Totally worth it! Must try for all the folks looking at increasing productivity and chasing operational excellence.
Growth Hacker
It's a strong product with clear benefits and a strong community. Recommend to give a try, even if you are a "strong" Google Workspace or MS ecosystem user
Digital Marketer
Very personalized product, especially useful for small teams who want a simple but customized experience. We are a team of 6 people, and it’s the first time we have our documents & relevant communications all in one place. No more searching through email threads for us. Would definitely recommend it!
ReSkript has become a very important tool in our day to day. As a startup, we have lots of feedback loops that require being in constant communication among teams. With other tools we’ve tried, it’s hard to find a way to avoid having files all over the place. The projects at ReSkript helped us really put things in order
Lead PM

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